16 December 2013



It started with
A late photo shoot, and a host for a show.
A finishing film, and a tear down for another show.
A smoke break, and a digit trade.
A how do you do, and a good night to you too.
A rhyming call, and a wondering ball.
A booty call, and a i give you my all.

It started with
A good morning smile, and a good night- see you in a while.
A how was your day, and a see you later anyway.
A I love you, and a me too.
A I know, I know, I know, and a sorrow, borrow, I don't know.
A hope you are fine, yes i still whine, no we can't dine,
A song that reminds, a mind that rewinds, a bind that still, pines.

It started with
Oh you swine, oh you slime, oh you stupid? Fine.
Old and kind, Old and, never mind.
One more chance, one more dance, one more techno trance.
One more rave, one more slave, one more grave.
One more hit, one more bit, one more slit..

I stayed true and thru and through,
Out I went, out I spent, out I am again,
Still I love, still I live, still I lie,
Here, once more, here, once alone, here, stolen.

It ended with a
Thank you, Think you, Thought you,
For everything, For nothing, For anything,
You were right, You are light, You have taken away my fight.
Now I see only you,
Hear only you,
Think only you.

It started with a please smile,
It started with we smile,
It started with a waste of miles,
It ended with my smile.
Waiting, for a while, counting tiles.

I'll get there.
I'm sorry for breaking your spirit.

7 November 2013

You Are The Universe

If I told you, 
You are the Universe, would you believe me?

If I told you, 
We are destined, would you believe me?
That amongst the galaxy, there are many planets,
But you chose to give mine life. 
You named several then, but they now revolve around my world,
Which you last named, and only I am still alive in you.

If I told you, 
You are the sky in my world.
I look up to you, endless, with hope,
Would you believe me?

If I told you,
Your white clouds, baby, blue highlights,
Allows my world to quietly day dream,
That your royal blue night sky, sprinkled with an overdose of glitter,
Creeping in slowly, to announce your arrival,
Allows my world, to scream their frustrations in their nightmares,
And you would wake their loved ones with your booming alarm,
To comfort them, washing their sounds away with rain, your tear- drops, 
Feeling helpless, but you always pull through,
Giving my world rainbows, with all the colours that makes up my world.
You make my world, smile, always, at the end of every storm.

If I told you, 
Your eyes, are the stars at night, 
I make wishes upon the stars that light up the darkness of my world.
They have been, long gone for many years, but still surround me at night.
They still twinkle to remind me I am not alone when I can't sleep, 
And they have granted all my wishes.

If I told you, 
Your secrets are the Moon, always somewhat hidden in the dark.
But, did you know, the Moon, is a visionary illusion,
That my world exists, to allow you to be seen, 
Reflect, leaving shadows,
Shadows, revealing your existent pain,
And the wolves in my world, howl for your hurt, 
When you finally show your entirety.

If I told you, 
You are the Sun- light in my world,
You are the only star that dares to come so close,
But keeps a distance so to never hurt me, yet keeps me warm.
That you are the only source of brightness in my world,
And everyone's source of energy.
The main, attraction, to me.
You are why flowers grow, why my world, has life.
You give me, life.

If I told you,
You are the Universe,
Would you believe me?

5 October 2013

Fucking Ain't Conscious

Fucking Ain't Conscious

Their edition of the sex bible states:  "It's sexy when a woman's in charge."
Ask them about me and they will tell you I am strong
Ask if I pretended, they will laugh, saying I never cared if I was wrong
Never followed instructions, but always gave when they asked,
Till I memorized the spots, deep into the roots of their lust.
They always lose control,  and as if I held the remote,
They would beg for me to stroke, surrender as their ego would grow, 
Their moans would sing what I called " the anthem of the domesticated".
Yesterday I realized, that was just the soundcheck, not the entire fucking soundtrack.

You see, I've marked all the places I've discovered on a map that only I have ventured
Them boys don't realize that every girl, leaves a special taste. 
Like a different state, but er, kinda still the same place. 
Them boys, copies, pushes the same wrong buttons, go up and down like an elevator.
Predictable, no surprises, steady, nothing ever escalated.
Duplicated by the steps, which.. came first, original, but no, not the best.
You are the sequel, but I can't say you are my favorite, you can't be compared to the rest.

The fact that you didn't start by pushing my head down, asking me to suck
Immediately I was lost, I was freaking out, thinking what the fuck
Cos to be honest I would have been fine with just hearing your grunts
a man who gave me his hand to hold, instead of his dick to lead into my hole.
Man, you looked at me, not my boobs, my ass, so firm, your gaze, goddamn
Aaaaaaand I'm wet, my pussy, filled with your fingers, overflowing, well
You said, "Relax, I aim to please." Do nothing? I almost forgot how.
Boy, made my knees so fucking weak, and the moment you were in me,
You were a canoe in the rapids, rough, waves, coming, so hard
Yet no mishandling, finally with proper use,  it's as if you went to school
Learnt to play the keys of my piano, I heard chords I never knew existed,
As if you were my master, I was begging you to please, fuck me deeper, 
Your voice, excites, whenever you say, Kurashige.

You said not all poems needed to rhyme, in the end it all adds up
Titles and labels, age and whatever history says goes together
Doesn't matter, for some reason you are familiar, a nostalgia, 
Don't need you to complete me, I want you completely.
Now that it makes sense, let's begin again.

25 September 2013

Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder

Is the only thing we do not have control over
Showcases its beauty, easy for you to discover.
However, if you dig you will uncover
it hides what we deem ugly, but it is actually all that we need.
So it stays underneath the light,
& allows itself to embrace only the night.

I think the world conspired us to be together.
That maybe, these disasters, its not simply because of the weather.
That maybe, global warming isn't the problem, but rather its the solution.
That maybe the wind blows the waves further, nearer
To prevent wars, break down these walls, to stop these long distance calls, because,
Nature knows the waves will soften the lands so we can make amends,
To protect what we need. Let the water seep,
Through the hardness it built to protect over the years.
Maybe we would get over the fears, no more tears. We wouldn't need numbers,
To subtract the distance measured by the seas, simply so i can kiss you with ease.
To be the glue to the gaps that you have, to be your last addiction,
No, wait, I don't want to just be a story you tell, 
So, instead, baby, make me your last addition.

And maybe running out of trees isn't such a big issue,
Well sweetheart, maybe they don't wanna make more tissues.
Or for me to write down what matters, 
When the only thing i can do is to write you love letters.
Cos they've been printing way too many books with these covers,
That makes me wonder why i am still so empty despite of all these shit they sell at borders.
I wish I was the kind that settles, so that I would not bother,
To look for someone that was forever, or for someone that was nothing like my father.
To stay with me till the candle dries, but no darkness, cos here comes the sunrise.

And maybe oil's running out, simply cos the world is sick of you running about.
Making your way to me, away from me, we both wish i was your missus.
Wait, i digress, let me finish the rest.

These natural wonders, yeah sometimes there will be thunders.
But darling, i'll never make your heart a doubter,
And as long as you never be an adulterer, i'll always be your meat pounder,
As long as you promise to always fuck me harder, yes, i know thats just the physical.

Okay if you must know, it's like the sun, you'll always the light that i need,
And even if it becomes dark too soon, i too, can be your light, very much like the moon.
I know you don't believe in forever, but to me, like nature, it's still here,
And i'll still be here, despite the weather.